Deis software is fully open source. As such, the "Deis community" consists of anyone who uses the Deis software and participates in its evolution, whether by answering questions, finding bugs, suggesting enhancements, or writing documentation or code.

Deis development is coordinated through numerous project repositories on GitHub. Anyone can check out the source code for any Deis component, fork it, make improvements, and create a pull request to offer those changes back to the Deis community.

Engine Yard maintains the numerous Deis projects, and as such, decides what ends up in the official GitHub repositories. Deis depends on the contributions of the community; the maintainers will not ignore pull requests or issues.

Deis uses the timeless, highly efficient, and totally unfair system known as "Benevolent Dictator for Life" (BDFL). Gabriel Monroy, the creator of Deis, is our BDFL and has final say over all decisions related to Deis.

Open Source Bounties

Deis projects are bounty-friendly. We believe open source bounty sites can be constructive tools in the development of open source software. Community members are encouraged to a) offer bounties and b) receive bounties for open source contributions that benefit everyone. The Deis maintainers, however, will not accept bounties on this project but are more than happy to help community members attempting bounties.