Deis Workflow Roadmap

The Deis Workflow Roadmap is a community document created as part of the open Planning Process. Each roadmap item describes a high-level capability or grouping of features that are deemed important to the future of Deis.

Given the project's rapid Release Schedule, roadmap items are designed to provide a sense of direction over many releases.

Interactive deis run /bin/bash

Provide the ability for developers to launch an interactive terminal session in their application environment.

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Log Streaming

Stream application logs via deis logs -f

Teams and Permissions

Teams and Permissions represents a more flexible permissions model to allow more nuanced control to applications, capabilities and resources on the platform. There have been a number of proposals in this area which need to be reconciled for Deis Workflow before we begin implementation.

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Workflow Addons/Services

Developers should be able to quickly and easily provision application dependencies using a services or addon abstraction.

Inbound/Outbound Webhooks

Deis Workflow should be able to send and receive webhooks from external systems. Facilitating integration with third party services like GitHub, Gitlab, Slack, Hipchat.